Saturday, January 26, 2013


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  1. Christina - I stumbled onto your site by reading Rhonda Gibson's post in an ACFW book club post. I love your site! I've written an upper middle grade historical fiction novel titled "The Bronze Dagger". Obviously, it doesn't mention Jesus in the novel since it's set in Ancient Mesopotamia, but it does have one of the characters discuss the culture's belief in many gods. He then expresses an interest in finding out more about his ancestor, Abraham, and his belief in one God. Written with middle school students in mind, the novel's theme of forgiveness is woven through the story line of 12-year-old Sam's search for his uncle, who gave him a bronze dagger. The dagger leads Sam (Samsuluna) on an adventure where he not only solves a mystery, but finds out what it truly means to forgive. I'd love to find out how I can join your site and add to this blog area for Ancient fictional stories.
    Marie Sontag