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HHH November BOOK DAY!



(Heroines of WWII series)

By Mary Davis

A WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) embarks on an unsanctioned mission to rescue three US soldiers held captive in Cuba.

Margaret “Peggy” Witherspoon is a thirty-four-year-old widow, mother of two, flying for the WASP. When her new supervisor, Army Air Corp Major Howie Berg, gives her an order she can’t follow, sparks fly. In the course of her duties, Peggy learns of US soldiers being held captive in Cuba. She undertakes a daring rescue mission. She will need all her WASP skills to succeed and come out of this alive while trying not to ignite an international incident.

 Releases February 1, 2022




By Suzanne Norquist, et al

4 Love Stories Are Quilted Into Broken Lives


“Mending Sarah’s Heart” By Suzanne Norquist, et al.

Rockledge, Colorado, 1884

Sarah doesn’t need anyone, especially her dead husband’s partner. With four brothers to mentor her boys and income as a seamstress, she seeks a quiet life. If only the Emporium of Fashion would stop stealing her customers and the local hoodlums would leave her sons alone. When she rejects her husband’s share of the mine, his partner Jack seeks to serve her through other means. But will his efforts only push her further away?


“Bygones” by Mary Davis

Texas, 1884

Drawn to the new orphan boy in town, Tilly Rockford soon became the unfortunate victim of a lot of Orion Dunbar’s mischievous deeds in school. Can Tilly figure out how to truly forgive the one who made her childhood unbearable? Now she doesn’t even know she holds his heart. Can this deviant orphan-train boy turned man make up for the misdeeds of his youth and win Tilly’s heart before another man steals her away?



By Kathleen E. Kovach, et al.

A secret. A key. Much was buried on the Titanic, but now it's time for resurrection. Follow two intertwining stories a century apart. 1912 - Matriarch Olive Stanford protects a secret after boarding the Titanic that must go to her grave. 2012 - Portland real estate agent Ember Keaton-Jones receives the key that will unlock the mystery of her past... and her distrusting heart. Review: “I told my wife to move this book to the top of her reading list... This titanic story is more interesting than the one told in the Titanic movie... She will absolutely love it.”




By Susan G Mathis

1914 Colleen Sullivan has secrets as she works in the Comfort Island laundry and awaits her betrothed. But when he dies, her orphan dreams of belonging and becoming a wife and an artist is lost. Jack Weiss is smitten by the lovely Irish lass. Colleen dismisses him, but when Jack introduces her to the famous impressionist, Alson Skinner Clark, she seems to find hope. But rumors of war prod Jack to choose between joining the Austrian army and making a life with Colleen. Will she finally embrace his love for her, or will Jack lose the battle and join the war?




By Vickie McDonough

Pastor Clay Parsons waited a year to bring his fiancée, Karen Briggs, to his new church post. They plan a Christmas wedding, but in the meantime, Karen helps the church ladies with various projects, including a bake sale. But revealing her fruitcake recipe could spell disaster for her future with Clay and his congregation.



By Denise Weimer

On the verge of starting her own company, Atlanta film makeup artist Ashlyn Jennings is willed a mysterious key from her grandmother’s estate. Mamie Lou, a former Hollywood B-lister, always demonstrated a flair for the dramatic. But Mamie Lou expected her to clean out a mountain cabin no one even knew about? And right at Christmas? When Ashlyn arrives at White Falls Lodge, little is she prepared to be stranded by a snow storm, irritated by the handsome resort owner, and redirected by a God Ashlyn wants to forget, through Mamie Lou’s real gift … her grandmother’s secret past.



By Naomi Musch

Métis hunter Bemidii Marchal has never played his flute to court a maiden but considers the possibility at Fort William's Great Rendezvous. However, when rescuing his sister causes an influential man’s death, the hunter becomes the hunted. Bemidii flees to Lake Superior's Madeline Island. Carrying a secret, Camilla Bonnet travels into the wilderness with her husband where tragedy awaits. Left alone, she fears Bemidii but is forced to trust him. Friendship grows and turns to deeper feelings. Then Bemidii discovers more about the man he killed. Now the secret he hides might turn Camilla’s heart away—and demand his life.

 Pre-order for January 4th, 2022 release



By Johnnie Alexander

A Cryptographer Uncovers a Japanese Spy Ring

FBI cryptographer Eloise Marshall is grieving the death of her brother, who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor, when she is assigned to investigate a seemingly innocent letter about dolls. Agent Phillip Clayton is ready to enlist and head oversees when asked to work one more FBI job. A case of coded defense coordinates related to dolls should be easy, but not so when the Japanese Consulate gets involved, hearts get entangled, and Phillip goes missing. Can Eloise risk loving and losing again?


By Linda Shenton Matchett

Three historical Christian mail-order bride novellas set in the Old West by best-selling author Linda Shenton Matchett.

Dinah, Rayne, and Daria are each running from a desperate situation, and becoming a mail-order bride seems to be the only solution. But life is never that easy, and the past threatens to overcome the possibility for a future. Dinah's Dilemma: Will she have to run from the past for the rest of her life? Rayne's Redemption: Will she have to lose her identity to find true love? Daria's Duke: Will a stolen inheritance and false accusations thwart the chance for happily-ever-after?



By Terrie Todd

Ray Matthews’ dream is shattered when his father’s death during the Great Depression forces him to drop out of art school and support his mother and sister by selling his paintings to a jigsaw puzzle maker. Ray vows never to sell one personal masterpiece: a portrait of his sweetheart, Sarah. When compelled to break his oath, Ray speaks a prophecy over the puzzle— that no one will be able to finish it before he and Sarah are reunited. Over 80 years, the puzzle passes through four different households, profoundly affecting each until one decision unleashes a peculiar chain of events.





By Michelle Shocklee

After a longtime resident at Nashville’s historic Maxwell House Hotel suffers a debilitating stroke, Audrey Whitfield is tasked with cleaning out the reclusive woman’s room. There, she discovers an elaborate scrapbook filled with memorabilia from the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Love notes on the backs of unmailed postcards inside capture Audrey’s imagination with hints of a forbidden romance . . . and troubling revelations about the disappearance of young women at the exposition. Audrey enlists the help of a handsome hotel guest as she tracks down clues and information about the mysterious “Peaches” and her regrets over one fateful day, nearly sixty-five years earlier.

Releases March 8, 2022

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