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My new release, MRS. WITHERSPOON GOES TO WAR, took me outside my comfort zone but had aspects which were well known to me.

Peggy is a strong female pilot with heart who takes the reader on an exciting adventure. A gamut of emotions ensue, from laugh-out-loud moments to heart-stopping thrills.

A WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) embarks on an unsanctioned mission to rescue three US soldiers held captive in Cuba. Margaret “Peggy” Witherspoon is a thirty-four-year-old widow, mother of two, flying for the WASP. When her new supervisor, Army Air Corps Major Howie Berg, gives her an order she can’t follow, sparks fly. In the course of her duties, Peggy learns of US soldiers being held captive in Cuba. She undertakes a daring rescue mission. She will need all her WASP skills to succeed and come out of this alive while trying not to ignite an international incident.

I have written many novels in a variety of settings and time periods. This is the first one I’ve set during WWII. I have done extensive research on WWI (for an unpublished series) but not WWII, so I knew very little, mainly the highlights learned in school. That meant I had a lot of catching up to do.

On the flip side, being a military wife, I know some of that world and know how military personnel think to some degree. Each person’s experience is different. I chose Bolling Airfield as the setting for the main part of my novel because my husband (along with me and the kids) was stationed there for four years when our children were very young. Though by then, the name had changed to Bolling Air Force Base.

Since my hubby had experience with military aircraft as part of an aircrew as a loadmaster and did aircraft maintenance, I was able to ask him all sorts of questions. When I had completed my novel, I had him read it for flying, maintenance, and repair details. It was exceedingly helpful to have that second set of eyes (eyes that knew more than I) comb over my story. I had more fun writing this story than I thought I would. I got wrapped up in research and enjoying this ride with Peggy and her friends.

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MARY DAVIS, bestselling, award-winning novelist, has over thirty titles in both historical and contemporary themes. Her latest release is THE DÉBUTANTE'S SECRET (Quilting Circle  4) THE DAMSEL’S INTENT (The Quilting Circle  3) is a Selah Award Winner. Some of her other recent titles include; The Widow’s Plight, The Daughter's Predicament,Zola’s Cross-Country Adventure” in The MISSAdventure Brides Collection , Prodigal Daughters Amish series, "Holly and Ivy" in A Bouquet of Brides Collection, and "Bygones" in Thimbles and Threads. She's an ACFW member and active in critique groups.
Mary lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of thirty-seven years and one cat. She has three adult children and three incredibly adorable grandchildren.

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  1. Thanks for posting today! This novel sounds great. It's nice that your research buddy is so accessible to you!!!