Friday, July 21, 2023

History of Kayaks

 by Molly Jebber, Amish Historical Romance Author

Above are new kayaks. Maybe you have one you enjoy. They are fun to take out on the water and take in the sights and wildlife. Dolphins love putting on a show if you're in the Gulf of Mexico!

Here's one of the first canoes/kayaks:

Five thousand years ago, the Inuit and Aleut tribes of men and women built the first kayak out of animal skins, bones, and wood and whatever they could find. These tribes were found in Artic North America (Northern Russia, Canada, and Greenland). They needed the kayaks to travel across the water in the summer, and the kayak provided a swift way to do this. Whale fat was also used by the tribes to waterproof the kayaks. They were also easy to get back into if the kayaker fell out of it. This looks hard to me! But maybe you are a kayaker, and you have mastered this. I'm to chicken to kayak. LOL

Kayaks were also used for hunting birds, walrus, and other sea life by the tribes. The first kayak concept for making it a simple structure has not changed much compared to our kayaks today. They are better constructed and have variations, but keeping it to fit one person is still the same. 

Umiaqs were kayaks that were sixty feet in length also made five thousand years ago. Better for hunting and having more room to tie off their food from hunting. 

In 1936, kayaking became a sport in the Olympics, although it was not a popular sport among the population until about the 1970's. My grandchildren and friends in Florida love to kayak. The floating alligators don't bother them. I'm afraid I'd step on one getting in or out of the kayak! 

Do you kayak? Share with us in the comments below!

Rachael has suffered tragedy, and she's been alone long enough. She's ready for love, and she meets Caleb while working at the Amish Charm Bakery. But Caleb's sister-in-law is difficult, and she's causing trouble. Rachael's patient, but one twist after another challenges their relation. What does the future hold for Rachael and Caleb? 

Here's a cute picture of my granddaughter, Jolene, holding my book off the shelf at Walmart!

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  1. Thank you for posting today. I admire all of the adventures people tell me they have with kayaks, but my water skills aren't great and I need a bigger platform!!!