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Historical Romance Series

By Mary Davis

THE WIDOW’S PLIGHT (Book1) – Will a secret clouding a single mother’s past cost Lily her loved ones?

THE DAUGHTER’S PREDICAMENT (Book2) *SELAH & WRMA Finalist* – As Isabelle’s romance prospects turn in her favor, a family scandal derails her dreams.

THE DAMSEL’S INTENT (Book3) *SELAH Winner* – Nicole heads down the mountain to fetch herself a husband. Can she learn to be enough of a lady to snag the handsome rancher?

THE DÉBUTANTE’S SECRET (Book4) – Complications arise when a fancy French lady steps off the train and into Deputy Montana’s arms.



By Debbie Lynne Costello

Kirsten father’s last will and testament stipulates that she must either marry, lead the plantation into a first year profit, or forfeit it to her uncle. Thefts are hurting the profit and marriage is proving no easy option. Every suitor seems more enamored with the land than with her. Silas’s last year at veterinary school ends abruptly when he is called home to care for his young orphaned sisters. Troubles compound when he finds an insurmountable lien on the family home and an unscrupulous banker is calling in the loan. How will the two overcome pride and distrust to find real happiness?




By Cindy Kay Stewart

It’s late August, 1939, and the Nazis are threatening Poland. American teacher Irena Simmons will let nothing interfere with her work, especially her former classmate Jonathan Huntwell, who surprises her in Lvov and insists she leave with him before the war starts. The Gestapo agent Irena successfully evaded in Germany finds her and tries to take the little German boys she whisked to safety the year before. After the Germans invade, the rising danger threatens everything Irena holds dear, and Jonathan is too far away to help. She must find a way to escape with the children before it’s too late.




By Johnnie Alexander and et al.

Two Novellas in One! When Polly Matthews and her brother opened their own detective agency in 1938, she expected to be an equal partner, not a secretary. So when they receive an assignment from the owner of a pottery manufacturing company, Polly jumps into action. Jasper Kane is determined to find out who’s stealing his designs. He’s surprised to find that the beautiful, intriguing new office clerk is actually the undercover detective he hired. Thrown together by chance, can they catch the culprit and shape a new life together?




By Linda Shenton Matchett

World War II is over, and America is extra grateful as Thanksgiving approaches. But Francine’s life hasn’t changed. Despite working at Fort Meade processing the paperwork for the men returning home, she’s still lonely and very single. Is she destined for spinsterhood? Glad his parents anglicized the family surname after emigrating to the United States, first-generation German-American Ray Fisher has done all he can to hide his heritage. He’s made it through this second “war to end all wars,” but what American woman would want to marry into a German family? Must he leave the country to find wedded bliss?




By Terrie Todd

WINNER of the Word Guild’s Best Fiction Book Award! Orphaned as a toddler in 1922, Lilly Sampson pursues a nursing career in hopes that it will redeem the shameful crime of arson she committed as a child. When her self-sabotaging choices only build the ash heap higher, will she find the love she desperately seeks? In 2019, while unraveling a mysterious link in her ancestry, Diana DeWitt is at a crossroads as she tries to help a teenager in crisis. Will the truth she uncovers about her grandmother, Lilly, inspire her to let go of her fear and rise to the occasion?




By Michelle Shocklee

Bertie Jenkins has spent forty years serving as a midwife for her community in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Out of all the mothers she’s tended, none affects her more than the young teenager who shows up on her doorstep, injured, afraid, and expecting, one warm June day in 1943. As Bertie and her four sisters tenderly nurture Songbird back to health, the bond between the childless midwife and the motherless teen grows strong. But soon Songbird is forced to make a heartbreaking decision that will tear this little family apart.




By Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

New Yorker Ruth Jessup and Amish-bred Joshua Stutzman lived in different worlds; their lives collided into catastrophic proportions battling wits against a psychopath and The New World Order... Fleeing for her life and suffering from amnesia, Ruth finds herself in an hourglass of yesteryear. Can Joshua’s Amish ways help them survive these final three-and-one-half years? “To be honest, I’m not usually drawn to fiction. But for this no-nonsense nonfiction lover, Love’s Final Sunrise was a risk that paid off in full measure. I highly recommend this author’s way of weaving intrigue, romance, and Christian principles.” Lori Ann Wood



Discover Montana Gold!

By Janalyn Voigt

Hills of Nevermore: A young widow hides her shameful secret from a blue-eyed circuit preacher.

Cheyenne Sunrise: A disillusioned young woman is forced to entrust herself to a half-Cheyenne guide.

Stagecoach to Liberty: To escape captivity, a young woman must trust a mysterious stranger.

The Forever Sky: Can a young widow with no faith in love reconcile with the man who broke her heart?

The Promise Tree: A preacher’s daughter knows she shouldn't encourage a troublemaker, no matter she promised him.

The Whispering Wind: Phoebe can have her pick of suitors but never the man she wants.




Book Two of The Scouts of the Georgia Frontier

By Denise Weimer

New release! Red-haired, freckle-faced, and almost six feet tall, Jenny White has given up on love. She devotes herself to protecting her younger siblings against nature, natives, and Loyalists in Georgia’s “Hornet’s Nest” during the American Revolution. Then she nurses Patriot scout Caylan McIntosh back to health after the Battle of Kettle Creek. The vexing Highlander seems determined to dismantle her emotional armor. Can Jenny trust a man who keeps secrets and surely prefers her sister to lead them on a harrowing exodus to the North Carolina mountains?




Keeping Christmas vol 1

By Naomi Craig

Foreign dignitaries searching for the baby king. An enraged Monarch on the Judean throne. The scribe on a quest to discover the truth before it's too late. “You may think you’ve heard the Christmas story a million times, but until you see it through Amal’s eyes, you are missing something! My heart rejoiced along with Amal’s by the conclusion of this novella. The Weary World Rejoices by Naomi Craig is Biblical fiction that will make you shiver, review Scripture, cry, cheer, evaluate how you treat Scripture (all while being an unputdownable story)!” ~ Babbling Becky L, Amazon Reviewer




Apron Strings, Book One–Available for Pre-order

By Naomi Musch

When Polly Holloway’s fiancé returns home from the Great War with a French war bride, Polly focuses on mending her shattered heart by using her homemaking skills and a special cookbook to open a fashionable ladies’ tea room in her Victorian house. But Ross Dalton, the interfering tavern owner down the street, arouses her suspicion. Ross met God on the battlefield; however, his friendly overtures aren’t enough to pierce through Polly’s belief that he’s a bootlegger who’ll tarnish the neighborhood. How can he convince her he’s a changed man, especially when real bootleggers double down to force him into their schemes?




A Time-Slip Novel

By Kathleen E. Kovach, et al.

A secret. A key. Much was buried on the Titanic, but now it's time for resurrection. Follow two intertwining stories a century apart. 1912 - Matriarch Olive Stanford protects a secret after boarding the Titanic that must go to her grave. 2012 - Portland real estate agent Ember Keaton-Jones receives the key that will unlock the mystery of her past... and her distrusting heart. Review: “I told my wife to move this book to the top of her reading list... This titanic story is more interesting than the one told in the Titanic movie... She will absolutely love it.”

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