Tuesday, January 30, 2024

HHH Book Day January 2024







Historical Romance Series

By Mary Davis

THE WIDOW’S PLIGHT (Book1) – Will a secret clouding a single mother’s past cost Lily her loved ones?

THE DAUGHTER’S PREDICAMENT (Book2) *SELAH & WRMA Finalist* – As Isabelle’s romance prospects turn in her favor, a family scandal derails her dreams.

THE DAMSEL’S INTENT (Book3) *SELAH Winner* – Nicole heads down the mountain to fetch herself a husband. Can she learn to be enough of a lady to snag the handsome rancher?

THE DÉBUTANTE’S SECRET (Book4) – Complications arise when a fancy French lady steps off the train and into Deputy Montana’s arms.




By Debbie Lynne Costello

Kirsten father’s last will and testament stipulates that she must either marry, lead the plantation into a first year profit, or forfeit it to her uncle. Thefts are hurting the profit and marriage is proving no easy option. Every suitor seems more enamored with the land than with her. Silas’s last year at veterinary school ends abruptly when he is called home to care for his young orphaned sisters. Troubles compound when he finds an insurmountable lien on the family home and an unscrupulous banker is calling in the loan. How will the two overcome pride and distrust to find real happiness?




By Linda Shenton Matchett

Can two people emerge from the clouds of past hurt to find a silver lining of love? Evelyn Reid would rather fly than do anything else, so when war engulfs the U.S., she joins the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron. She is tapped for pursuit plane training...the dream of a lifetime until she discovers the instructor is her ex-fiancé, Jasper MacPherson.  Rotating stateside, fighter pilot Jasper MacPherson is assigned to teach the WAFS how to fly the army way. Bad enough to be training women, but things only get worse when his former fiancée shows up as one of his students.




by Sherri Stewart

TV anchor, Maddie Caldecott, has a secret so deeply buried she doesn’t remember it. As an investigative reporter, Maddie can dig out the truth of any story, but she can’t unearth the secret she’s blocked. Police Detective, Brody Messner, is at his wits end. How can he protect Maddie from Absalom if she resists his every suggestion. From Orlando to Zürich, he follows her, trying to stay one step ahead of her assailant.




By Terrie Todd

(from an Amazon review): “Wow…just wow! Terrie Todd has written another winner of a book. She is one of my favorite authors and April’s Promise will now be one of my all-time favorite books. What a blessing to read a Christian historical fiction that goes deep into sensitive, hard issues and deep into what it looks like to trust God in those hard times! A blessing of a book!




By Vickie McDonough

Heather Hawthorne has no reason to like Lucas Reed, the man who deserted her cousin Deborah when he learned she was carrying his child. Lucas Reed is an American whose fight for liberty ruined her father's wealth, which led to his death. Deborah's dying wish is that Heather take little Jamie to his father in Charleston. But how can she leave the child she's come to love as her own with a man who never wanted him? CBA, EPCA, and Amazon best-selling author, Vickie McDonough, spins a swashbuckling tale in Mutiny of the Heart.




A Time-Slip Novel

By Kathleen E. Kovach, et al.

A secret. A key. Much was buried on the Titanic, but now it's time for resurrection. Follow two intertwining stories a century apart. 1912 - Matriarch Olive Stanford protects a secret after boarding the Titanic that must go to her grave. 2012 - Portland real estate agent Ember Keaton-Jones receives the key that will unlock the mystery of her past... and her distrusting heart. Review: “I told my wife to move this book to the top of her reading list... This titanic story is more interesting than the one told in the Titanic movie... She will absolutely love it.”




By Michelle Shocklee

Bertie Jenkins has spent forty years serving as a midwife for her community in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Out of all the mothers she’s tended, none affects her more than the young teenager who shows up on her doorstep, injured, afraid, and expecting, one warm June day in 1943. As Bertie and her four sisters tenderly nurture Songbird back to health, the bond between the childless midwife and the motherless teen grows strong. But soon Songbird is forced to make a heartbreaking decision that will tear this little family apart.





Book 3 of Scouts of the Georgia Frontier

By Denise Weimer

Patriot Ranger Alexander Morris vowed revenge on the warrior who killed his brother and father. Elspeth Lawrence, a survivor of the same massacre whose sister was taken captive, teaches Cherokee children at her father’s school. She’s never stopped longing for the boy who saved her that fateful day, but when their paths are reunited on the eve of revolution in the South Carolina backcountry, more than her wealthy Loyalist suitor stands in the way. Alex can’t remember the massacre, or Elspeth, but his hatred for the Cherokees he’s been ordered to court as allies threatens to choke out the seeds of love and healing.




By Naomi Craig, et al.

“A must read if you enjoy Biblical fiction. It isn't difficult to draw spiritual parallels that are relevant today as the authors expertly connect reader and character through poignant biblical scenes that tug on the heart. The narrative touches the imagination so that Scripture is illuminated and you wonder how you would react had you been there. This book moves with the rhythm of an evangelistic heartbeat. With plenty of takeaways and concepts to ponder, these stories will not disappoint. If you enjoy biblical fiction and a moving plot, be sure to check out And Their Numbers Grew.” ~ Amazon Reviewer




By Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Get whisked into the lives of the McConnell women in this historical Christian fiction series. Follow these strong women from the days of the Civil War through the epic battle with Hitler. Discover what has inspired readers all across the world as these four books are brought together as a set for the first time. "The message of the Destiny series is even more applicable to today than when it first released. Praying for America’s repentance and to embrace God like never before." Debra B.




Apron Strings, Book One

By Naomi Musch

When Polly Holloway’s fiancé returns home from the Great War with a French war bride, Polly hopes to mend her shattered heart by using her homemaking skills and a special cookbook to open a fashionable ladies’ tea room in her Victorian house. But Ross Dalton, the interfering tavern owner down the street, arouses her suspicion. Ross met God on the battlefield; however, his friendly overtures aren’t enough to pierce through Polly’s belief that he’s a bootlegger who’ll tarnish the neighborhood. How can he convince her he’s a changed man, especially when real bootleggers double down to force him into their schemes?



  1. Wow, what a great gathering of books!! Every one of them sounds like a winner to me. May they fly off into the hands of readers who will love them!