Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Patricia PacJac Carroll ~ for Real

Hi. My name is Patricia PacJac Carroll and I am a writer. Yes, I am addicted to telling stories.  Well in reality, stories attack me. Wrestle me away from whatever it is I am thinking and boom another story is born. Sometimes they come from playtime where I just let my brain go and have some fun. Other times they begin in a dream. A name. A place. Weather. The stories are everywhere.

However, historicals are my favorite. I grew up watching Westerns and just can’t get them out of my mind. I love that period in American history. The wild country. Opportunity and danger. Adventure and … yes, romance.

Oh and of course horses. You just can not have a Western without a horse. I’ve read that cowboys didn’t name their horses but mine all have names. In Liberty Belle, I have Fuego, Banjo, and Southern Star. In Golden Dreams, I have Fancy and Galahad. 

Along with horses, I am an animal lover from my earliest memories. I used to get excited when Mom said, “It’s raining cats and dogs.”  What delightful pictures that brought to my mind. Although he didn’t come from a thunderstorm, Jacs, my twenty pound, overgrown and highly spoiled Papillion, is my constant writing companion.  

I also love the open road. Years ago after I looked at my supply of started stories but none finished, I decided I had to write to the end on one of them. I chose the one that takes place on the California Trail. An Old West road trip. Golden Dreams is the book that will come out in March.

One day the movie How the West Was Won came on. I turned to my husband. “If you lived in those days, wouldn’t you want to go on a wagon train? Go West for the adventure?”
He popped a piece of popcorn in his mouth and gave me one of those you’ve-got-to-be-kidding looks. "No."

Oh, well. Guess I will be content to write about the adventures that come to my mind.

My goal is to write stories that entertain and encourage readers. Maybe you won’t cross the country on a wagon train, but you can identify with Katy and Rev as they realize they can’t outrun their pasts but have to face them to reach their dreams. You can read their story in Golden Dreams

I will be giving away a copy of Liberty Belle in March. You’ll enjoy Liberty’s story. She wanted an adventure and wasn’t disappointed.

I hope you’ll make this blog a regular morning stop. I am sure you’ll find plenty of interesting information and meet some wonderful writers.

Happy reading and may God bless you.


  1. It sounds like we have a lot in common, Pat. Love of historicals, horses, the West. You have a cutie doggie.

  2. Nice to meet you Patricia, Love your husbands response to moving west in a wagon train.
    I love reading about it and loved watching the Oregon Trail and even how the west was won etc also and always thought it would be exciting to travel that way. how ever i am not sure i would be able to handle the hardships they faced.
    will look out for your book.

  3. Glad you love to write em cause I love to read em!

  4. Hey, Patricia. Your Papillon is adorable! It's such a treat to get a glimpse of the inner workings of all my fellow authors. I have to say, I am with your husband. I wouldn't go on a wagon train to save my life. LOL! Give me a land that's already cleared and a nice tame lawn to mow.
    Congrats on your new book coming out. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. Hi, Patricia. I have to smile. I have a book called Golden Dreams coming out in September. :) I hope they're both "golden."

  6. Hi, Patty Looking forward to Golden Dreams.....

  7. Pat, may I just say, Adorable doggie! I am a huge dog lover, especially working dogs. (my heroes) Great post! Congrats on your new book. I haven't read anything by you, but that's why I follow this blog, to get to know authors like you!

  8. Nice to learn more about you, Patricia. I'm with your husband. I'm a wimp & couldn't take the hardships they faced. Of course, I like adventure. I'd have to think about it.

  9. Patty, You do tell great stories.

  10. Thanks Vicki - great minds think alike : )
    Hi Jenny - to tell the truth, I think the wagon train is more fun in my mind. I don't think I could do the pioneer thing either.
    Thanks kbailey - we love our readers : )
    Hi Kathleen - is it fun to get to know one another. Jacs has us wrapped around his little paws and he knows it.
    Hi Darlene - I saw some of your posts about your Golden Dreams. And I agree - believing they will both be golden.
    Hi Lyndie - thanks for stopping by.
    Thanks Chaplaindebbie - thanks for checking us out. This is a great blog with many talented authors.
    Thanks Janet - And I have to admit I would be a wimp too. Where are those Starbucks and McDonald's? : )
    Hi Marilyn - Thanks - and I can't wait for your stories to come out either.

    1. Sometimes I think I was born 150 years too soon. My son said, "But Mom, if you lived back then, think of all the conveniences and modern stuff you'd be missing."
      How could I miss them if I didn't know existed? But then I realize God knew what He was doing.
      I love horses too, and I think it's quite funny that we have the same heroine on the covers of one of our books.

  11. It is startling to see our 'girl' on another book cover isn't it? I think I like the idea of living a 150 years ago but I doubt I would like the reality of it. We are spoiled : )

  12. Patricia, I loved reading about your fascination with the American West. Congratulations on your book contract!

  13. Good morning, Ms. Carroll!!

    I discovered this wicked sweet blog a few tolls into midnight, and I must confess, I am enjoying every inch of it! So much so, I am burning a bit of midnight oil! Laughs. I happen to agree with you,.. there is something about pulling back the veil on history to when our country was beginning to form and take shape,... to go back into those frontier townes and to dig around for the stories of their citizens. Including those who were fearless and ventured by wagon + train to seek out a new future in a place they only dream possible. Such adventurous spirit and determination to make it, come what may! As I was lamenting a moment ago, its hard to pick my 'exact' favourite period of history to read about in fiction. Oh, sure, I have my yearnings to reside in either Victorian or Regency England, but the Old West, the Revolutionary War, the Jazz Age,.. oh my! How to choose!? If you've seen Midnight in Paris, you'll know just how difficult it is and how easily your caught up in another time period! :)

    I personally love road trips! Its the best way to see every slice of Americana as you wander towne to city, to byway to highway,... your destination might be known, but its the inbetween hours you spend getting there where all the fun lies!! :) :)

    Ooh I am wayy ahead of you! I knew I'd be a regular reader/commenter as soon as I pulled up this blog!! :) Cheers!!

  14. Hi, Patricia, research road trips are delightful. We pack up our two dogs, who are not nearly as portable as Jacs, and off we go. I'm another one in your husband's camp. I love looking back at history, wouldn't want to live it. I imagine that's what folks will say 100 years from now, if our Lord delays His coming. Browsing in antique shops, see old home tools and farm implements is a treat. My cowboys always named their horses to - with stalwart, courageous, and gallant names. In junior high school, I spent more time naming them than I did my characters. Hope to meet you on the road some time.