Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tidbits about Board Games

I put this post together for my blog earlier this month and it was a very popular post. So, I thought I'd share these tidbits with all of you at Heroes, Heroines, and History. For those of you who are writers, you might find some of these Board Games fun to add to your novels.

Below are some images from an 1891 Youth's Companion displaying various games available at the time. Many you will already know, perhaps you have some in your game closets as well.

Basalinda (Looks to me like a very early version of battleship)

Bean Bag & Ring Toss

Fish Pond

Game of Halma
(apparently designed as a scientific game combining chess and checkers)

Jolly Marble Game

Parlor & Lawn Tennis

Royal Parchessi

Table Croquet

Tiddledy-winks, tennis, hop scotch.
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  1. Hi, Lynn, thanks for the memories. Our family love board games and puzzles. Over Thanksgiving, my sister and I talked about the games we played as kids while we were playing Mexican Train. She's the keeper of all those treasures after our parents died. When we got home from Oklahoma, I inventoried our daughter's childhood games and repacked them with a lot more care. She's 45 now and someday they'll be antiques - oh, perish the thought of getting old!

  2. I remember tiddlywinks and hopscotch! Great memories and I do love games. Sm wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com