Friday, November 20, 2015

Staying Warm Thru' Winter at Pemberley

PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical difficulties with my browser I was unable to post this month's article. Instead, I offer you a ready-to-download, fully illustrated article about Winter Dress during the Regency.

Jane Austen was born prior to the regency, but lived during it. Sadly, she died at the height of the period, but the pdf shows fashions she would have certainly been familiar with and worn herself.--as would Lizzie Bennet, er, Mrs. Darcy. 

Please enjoy "Regency Fashion in Winter"! (This is an instant download and does not require you to leave your email address or any other personal information.)  

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  1. Good morning, Linore, so sorry for your browser problem. I downloaded the PDF and found several helpful tidbits that I need right now. Thanks for all the research you do.

  2. Dear Linda, I am only seeing this months sorry! Thank you for the feedback. It's nice to know the research came in handy for you. :)