Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tidbits on the Fashion of 1870 Gentlemen's Hats

I love being able to see something to get a true feel for how it appears. Below are some examples of 1870 Gentlemen's Hats. They represent the latest in fashion for 1870. The differences are subtle from what you would see on men today. Take the first hat for example, a top hat, note the longer and curved brim. Today the brim is not the same, nor is the top of the hat flared as much. Personally I love the top hat but my husband has never had the occasion to wear one. My son when he was only seven years old did, for my sister's wedding.

Lynn A. Coleman is an award winning & best-selling author who makes her home in Keystone Heights, Florida, with her husband of 42 years. Lynn's latest novel is a collection of three. Brides of Kentucky She also released a novella this month The Matchmaker Brides Collection Lynn's novella is titled "The Tinman's Match"


  1. Enjoyed the pictures Lynn. My youngest son wore a top hat for his senior prom, he looks so dashing in it.
    Blessings, Tina

  2. Great pictures but what are the names of them? So we can recognize them when reading our historicals.