Thursday, October 22, 2020

Feature: Elaine Marie Cooper

For as long as I can remember, writing was in my blood. 

My kitten died when I was 13, so I wrote a poem in her memory. When an essay was required in school, I scribbled the topic with enthusiasm. When my hamster got lost in the attic, my Dad suggested I pen a story about his adventures inside the walls of the house. Rather than dreading such moments, I thrived in creating words with pencil and paper. It was my passion. 

As I grew older, it never occurred to me that I would turn that interest into anything more than a hobby. When my husband's newspaper editor caught a glimpse of my writing, however, everything changed. I suddenly carried the title, "Freelance Writer." 

I still didn't consider writing to be a profession. After I had three children, I went to nursing school and became an RN. That was a "real job," I thought. 

Several years into this profession, my daughter Bethany was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. It was truly the worst time of my life and changed me in many profound ways. Every year on the anniversary of Bethany's passing, I stayed in bed, praying the day would pass without having to talk to anyone. I wanted to become a recluse. 

On the 4th anniversary of her death, something different occurred. I still lay in bed under the covers, but a quiet inner voice prompted me to listen. The inaudible voice said I was to write a book about my ancestors in the American Revolution. I thought it was ridiculous so I ignored it. But then, I heard it again. Same message. Same assignment. While I could ignore it once, I could not pretend I had not felt the weight of that charge. The words were crystal clear and might as well have been audible for their impact on me. I threw the covers off and got up. 

I knew I had to tell my husband what had occurred but I was embarrassed. Would he laugh at me? Not only did he NOT laugh, he took me to the used book store and helped me find research books about the era. I began reading and then writing. I was a total rookie at creating a novel and had much to learn. But I kept working on it and developing the skills I needed. 

I thought I'd write just one book, But the one turned into two, and then three. I've just completed my 9th book and have plans for the next three. I'm not certain when I'll stop writing but I suppose it will be when the Lord tells me to stop. After all, He was the one who told me to start in the first place. ;) 

Most of my books are set in the era of the American Revolution. The first three are called the Deer Run Saga and are loosely based on my ancestors in the American Revolution.

My next book was my only non-fiction. It's a memoir about the journey with my daughter as I cared for her with cancer.

My next two novels were published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (now called Iron Stream Media):

The three-book Dawn of America series will be re-published with Scrivenings Press in 2021 with all new book covers. "Love's Kindling" is a finalist in Historical Romance in the 2020 Selah Awards. 

And my newest release, "Scarred Vessels" focuses on the black soldiers in the American Revolution. I am very excited about this latest release and I pray it blesses you!
Thank you for reading!!


  1. I've loved the two books of yours that I have read. Thanks for sharing your journey of turning a "passion" into a mission. God's ways are amazing!

  2. Yes they are, Connie. Thank you for reading my books. And thanks so much for commenting!

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    1. Thanks so much, Janet. I treasure your friendship. ((HUGS))