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By Mary Davis

A "little white lie" grows into a very big problem. Meghann Livingston invents a husband to soothe her dying mother. But when her mom miraculously recovers and comes to visit, Meghann is hard-pressed to explain her "husband's" absence! Before Meghann can come clean, her handsome, elusive boss, Bruce Halloway, inadvertently steps into her romantic charade...and to Meghann's shock and horror, insists upon playing along. The masquerade's success depends upon them playing their newlywed games extremely well. When they do, both Meghann and Bruce—even as they struggle to overcome the consequences of their deceptions—find themselves falling in love...for real!


By Debbie Lynne Costello

“Complete with all the medieval details, charm and wonderfully strong characters, this book has it all. Secrets, betrayal, forgiveness and trust… It’s a book you want to read to the end, but yet, never want it to end!”~Reviewer

Deirdre Mackenzie is caught reiving by a hated English Laird. A beautiful reiving lass is the least of Bryce Warwick’s worries with King Richard’s distrust of his nobles. Despite the odds against them, the two are drawn together. But there are adversaries seeking to ruin their chances at love. The stakes are high, secrets prevail, and treason is just a kiss away.


By Nancy J. Farrier

Cait Sullivan is horrified when her father hires Jonas Hall to take over her job—training their famed horses. And, her father expects her to work with Jonas and listen to him. Cait understands the importance of selling their horses to offset the loss from the drought, but hiring Jonas is like a slap after he broke her sister’s heart. Jonas has to hide the fact he’s always loved Cait, and he’s asked her father’s permission to win her hand. Now, he must convince the fiery-tempered lass he isn’t a villain, and she is the bride God has for him.




(Romance in the Badlands - book 2)

By Vickie McDonough


When Deputy Marshal Brett Wickham’s younger brother is killed in a bank robbery, he goes after the gang responsible. But a bear attack lands him badly wounded in the gang’s hideout, with Lottie Salinger carrying for him. The woman seems too kind and caring to be a heinous outlaw, but the evidence is strong against her. When Brett starts to care for her, he wonders if he can still do his job? Will justice prevail, or will love win out?



By Linda Shenton Matchett

She wants to do her part. He’s just trying to stay out of the stockade. Will two agents deep behind enemy lines find capture… or love? A WWII Christian Romance, Spies & Sweethearts is the first book in the gripping Sisters in Service historical romance series. If you like faith in motion, suspense in action, and devotion put to the test, you’ll adore Linda Shenton Matchett’s soaring story. On sale for only $0.99.




By Terrie Todd

*2018 Word Guild Award*

Maggie Marshall runs her war-time diner with the help of pregnant, unwed girls. When her abusive husband is killed in action, no one could be more relieved than Maggie. Charlotte Penfield, seventeen, pregnant, and exiled by her wealthy parents to work for Maggie, runs away. Rev. Reuben Fennel sees things others don’t. When Maggie seeks his help in locating a run-away pregnant girl, Reuben embarks on a cross-country chase though it may cost him his job and reputation. Maggie learns that sometimes heroes come in unlikely packages and love may be far sweeter than her humble dreams can imagine.




By Denise Weimer

Susanna Moore can’t get him out of her mind—the learned lieutenant who delivered the commission from Andrew Jackson making her father colonel of the Cherokee Regiment. But the next time she sees Sam Hicks, he’s leading prisoners into a frontier fort and wearing the garb of a Cherokee scout. As Susanna’s father and Sam’s commander, Colonel Moore couldn’t have made his directive to stay away from his daughter clearer to Sam. Then a suspected spy forces Moore to rely on Sam for military intelligence and Susanna’s protection, making it impossible for either to guard their heart.




By Suzanne Norquist, et al

4 Love Stories Are Quilted Into Broken Lives


“Mending Sarah’s Heart” By Suzanne Norquist

Rockledge, Colorado, 1884

Sarah doesn’t need anyone, especially her dead husband’s partner. With four brothers to mentor her boys and income as a seamstress, she seeks a quiet life. If only the Emporium of Fashion would stop stealing her customers and the local hoodlums would leave her sons alone. When she rejects her husband’s share of the mine, his partner Jack seeks to serve her through other means. But will his efforts only push her further away?


“Bygones” by Mary Davis

Texas, 1884

Drawn to the new orphan boy in town, Tilly Rockford soon became the unfortunate victim of a lot of Orion Dunbar’s mischievous deeds in school. Can Tilly figure out how to truly forgive the one who made her childhood unbearable? Now she doesn’t even know she holds his heart. Can this deviant orphan-train boy turned man make up for the misdeeds of his youth and win Tilly’s heart before another man steals her away?



(Montana Treasure, book 1)

By Janalyn Voigt

A preacher’s daughter shouldn’t encourage a troublemaker, no matter what her wayward heart desires. Liberty has always believed she should marry a man of God, but Jake doesn’t qualify. The promises they’d made at age twelve can’t change that. If only Jake would stop pursuing her, she might keep from falling in love with him. Jake fears he’ll lose Liberty to Beau, the new man in town. He doesn’t trust the smooth-talker—and certainly not with Liberty. Jake and Liberty must each overcome their own false beliefs. Only then can they experience the truth of God’s redeeming love.




By Martha Rogers

After her husband’s death in a car accident, recording star Vonda Mason dropped out the spotlight to resume her life as Elena Clark with her daughter. On a youth mission trip to Nashville with her daughter, now a teenager, Elena discovers her sordid past is not buried as deep as she’d hoped when she is recognized and hounded by the press. As an old friend, now a pastor, from high school helps her, Elena learns that trust in the Lord can overcome everything threatening her present and give her a future she never dreamed possible.




By Michelle Shocklee

*2021 Selah Awards Finalist*

Lorena Leland’s dreams of becoming a writer are dashed when the stock market crashes in 1929. Seven years into the Great Depression, Rena accepts a position interviewing former slaves for the Federal Writers’ Project. There, she meets Frankie, a 101-year-old woman whose honest yet tragic past captivates Rena. While Frankie’s story challenges Rena’s preconceptions about slavery, it also connects the two women whose lives are otherwise separated by age, race, and circumstances. But will this bond of respect, admiration, and friendship be broken by a revelation neither woman sees coming?




By Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Civil unrest, an incurable sickness, and a lost love, plunge the McConnells’ into a battle for survival. “Catherine Ulrich Brakefield writes beautiful poetic prose that brings the settings and clothing of the era to life. Her well-rounded characters aren't perfect, they have flaws, but they endure the most trying of times with dignity and grace. The romances are true to life with ups and downs… I can imagine this series being produced for a Hallmark series in the vein of When Calls the Heart. Ms. Brakefield is a talented, amazing writer of inspirational Christian fiction.” Amazon Review, DA


By Kathleen E. Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer

A secret. A key. Much was buried on the Titanic, but now it's time for resurrection. Follow two intertwining stories a century apart. 1912 - Matriarch Olive Stanford protects a secret after boarding the Titanic that must go to her grave. 2012 - Portland real estate agent Ember Keaton-Jones receives the key that will unlock the mystery of her past... and her distrusting heart. Review: “I told my wife to move this book to the top of her reading list... This titanic story is more interesting than the one told in the Titanic movie... She will absolutely love it.”


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