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The Quilting Circle book 3

By Mary Davis

*2021 Selah Awards Finalist*

Can Nicole learn to be enough of a lady to snag the handsome rancher? Nicole Waterby heads down the mountain to fetch herself a husband, not realizing women don’t wear trousers or carry a gun. She has a lot to learn. Rancher Shane Keegan has drifted from one location to another to find a place to belong. When Nicole crosses his path, he wonders if he can have love, but he soon realizes she’s destined for someone better than a saddle tramp. Will love stand a chance while both Nicole and Shane try to be people they’re not?




By Nancy J. Farrier


When Maya Garza’s step-father drags her to the cantina, planning to auction her off to cover his debts, she is desperate to escape. She sees no hope as she stands atop the table with a room full of men leering at her. Yaniv Madrigal is searching for his brother, and he can’t believe his eyes when he finds him bidding for a young woman. A woman who has the look of a trapped animal. Yaniv is even more shocked when he outbids his brother. Will Maya ever be free? Will Yaniv make peace with what he’s done?




By Debbie Lynne Costello

“Complete with all the medieval details, charm and wonderfully strong characters, this book has it all. Secrets, betrayal, forgiveness and trust… It’s a book you want to read to the end, but yet, never want it to end!”~Reviewer  Deirdre Mackenzie is caught reiving by a hated English Laird. A beautiful reiving lass is the least of Bryce Warwick’s worries with King Richard’s distrust of his nobles. Despite the odds against them, the two are drawn together. But there are adversaries seeking to ruin their chances at love. The stakes are high, secrets prevail, and treason is just a kiss away.




By Vickie McDonough

 When the mail-order bride his grandmother secretly ordered for him doesn’t arrive, Quinn McFarland is relieved. But the only way to keep her from ordering another one is to find his own wife—and fast. When the sheriff suggests Quinn marry the gal in his jail, he balks. But marriage to Sarah could solve Quinn’s need for a wife and fix Sarah’s problems too. But dare he marry an outlaw? Maybe the idea is just crazy enough to work. 





By Terrie Todd

In the dead-end Canadian town of Bleak Landing, Irish immigrant Bridget O’Sullivan lives in a ramshackle house as the Great Depression rages. The fiery redhead lands a job at a garment factory, the first step on her journey to shed her past and begin anew. When her father dies, Bridget―now a striking and accomplished woman―returns home to claim her inheritance. But she has no identification to prove her stake, and no one in town recognizes her―except her old nemesis, Victor Harrison. Now a war veteran, can Victor prove he’s a changed man worthy of Bridget’s forgiveness and more?




(Montana Treasure, book 1)

By Janalyn Voigt 

A preacher’s daughter shouldn’t encourage a troublemaker, no matter what her wayward heart desires. Liberty has always believed she should marry a man of God, but Jake doesn’t qualify. The promises they’d made at age twelve can’t change that. If only Jake would stop pursuing her, she might keep from falling in love with him. Jake fears he’ll lose Liberty to Beau, the new man in town. He doesn’t trust the smooth-talker—and certainly not with Liberty. Jake and Liberty must each overcome their own false beliefs. Only then can they experience the truth of God’s redeeming love.




By Suzanne Norquist, et al

 4 Love Stories Are Quilted Into Broken Lives

“Mending Sarah’s Heart” By Suzanne Norquist

Rockledge, Colorado, 1884 

Sarah doesn’t need anyone, especially her dead husband’s partner. With four brothers to mentor her boys and income as a seamstress, she seeks a quiet life. If only the Emporium of Fashion would stop stealing her customers and the local hoodlums would leave her sons alone. When she rejects her husband’s share of the mine, his partner Jack seeks to serve her through other means. But will his efforts only push her further away?

“Bygones” by Mary Davis

Texas, 1884 

Drawn to the new orphan boy in town, Tilly Rockford soon became the unfortunate victim of a lot of Orion Dunbar’s mischievous deeds in school. Can Tilly figure out how to truly forgive the one who made her childhood unbearable? Now she doesn’t even know she holds his heart. Can this deviant orphan-train boy turned man make up for the misdeeds of his youth and win Tilly’s heart before another man steals her away?




By Cindy Regnier

Rand Stafford isn't looking for love. He'd ridden that trail ending with a shattered heart. What he needs is help caring for his orphan nieces. Desperate, he places an advertisement for a wife. Fleeing her employer who would use her in his crimes, the ad sounds like the perfect refuge to Carly Blair. Escaping the city, the intrigue, and the danger to hide on a Kansas cattle ranch is worth a shot. Its sanctuary comes with a price—a husband. But it's better than being caught by the law. Or is it?




By Linda Shenton Matchett

Hannah Lauman’s husband has been murdered, but rather than grief, she feels...relief. She decides to remain in Georgia to work their gold claim, but a series of incidents makes it clear someone wants her gone...dead or alive. Is a chance at being a woman of means and independence worth risking her life? Jess Vogel never breaks a promise, so when he receives a letter from a former platoon mate about being in danger, he drops everything to help his old friend. Unfortunately, he arrives just in time for the funeral. Can he convince the man’s widow he’s there for her protection not for her money?




By Sherri Stewart

After Nazi soldiers close the opera and destroy Tamar Kaplan’s dream of becoming a professional singer, she joins the Dutch Resistance, her fair coloring concealing her Jewish heritage. Tamar partners with Dr. Daniel Feldman, and they risk their lives to help escaping refugees. When they are forced to flee, violinist Neelie Visser takes them into hiding. When Tamar resists the advances of a Third Reich officer, he exacts his revenge. From a prison hospital to a Nazi celebration to a concentration camp, will the three of them survive to tell the world the secrets behind barbed wire?




By Denise Weimer


.99 sale! A failed romance and a $500,000 prize lure Kate Carson into participating in a reality TV show. She’s the PR spokeswoman of the company that derived a thirteen-lens, rotating camera from military use and installed it atop Atlanta’s tallest skyscraper. But she never would have chosen stoic, ex-military Alex Mitchell as a partner. The shadows of Alex’s past cause him to spurn emotional involvement. When Kate’s insider knowledge makes her a target of someone more threatening than game show hunters, Alex offers her only hope to reveal the dark plans of proponents of The Eye.



By Martha Rogers


While Abby and her friends are practicing their sign language skills, they inadvertently overhear two men discussing a crime they are planning. Once again Abigail Billings becomes involved in uncovering the scheme despite warnings from the local police, the FBI, and anonymous threats in the mail. This time she may end up as the victim of a crime rather than the victor despite the efforts of her friends, Ben and Harry to protect her. Join Abby and her friends as they seek to unravel a plot that is bigger than even they can imagine.


By Kathleen E. Kovach, et al

A secret. A key. Much was buried on the Titanic, but now it's time for resurrection. Follow two intertwining stories a century apart. 1912 - Matriarch Olive Stanford protects a secret after boarding the Titanic that must go to her grave. 2012 - Portland real estate agent Ember Keaton-Jones receives the key that will unlock the mystery of her past... and her distrusting heart. Review: “I told my wife to move this book to the top of her reading list... This titanic story is more interesting than the one told in the Titanic movie... She will absolutely love it.”


By Catherine Ulrich Brakefield


A story-book romance swirls into a rendezvous with destiny.

The splendors of Detroit's ballrooms spin Esther (McConnell) Meir around like a princess in a fairy tale when she meets the handsome Eric Erhardt. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and suddenly it’s a battle for survival. Eric is drafted into the Army and faces insurmountable odds traveling up the boot of Italy. “…I loved the suspenseful and well-crafted twists, turns, and vivid war scenes. They left me reading nonstop while biting my nails. Catherine’s lovely prose, sense of humor, and historical accuracy deliver an unmistakable wow factor…” Deb Gardner Allard AKA Taylor Jaxon




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