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Milton Hershey and His Trust

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Last month, I shared about Milton Hershey’s orphanage and school ( Today I’d like to share about his foundation. 

Founded in 1905, the Hershey Trust Company is a state-chartered trust company that serves as the trustee for the Milton Hershey School Trust, the M.S. Hershey Foundation Trust, and the Hershey Cemetery TrustAt its founding, Milton Hershey was named administrator for the trust. 
The trust was created to serve as the community’s bank. Located in offices inside the Cocoa House, the town’s first commercial building, the bank offered a wide variety of services. In addition to handling Hershey business payrolls, the company offered savings accounts, mortgages, and commercial and personal loans. 

Photo: WikiImages
Interestingly, the bank did a lot of marketing and advertising to the community, encouraging residents to save money and plan for the future. Specialized savings accounts such as Christmas Savings Clubs were created to encourage new account business, and deposit stations were established on Hershey trolleys. After the Hersheys created the Deed of Trust that established the Milton Hershey School (originally named Hershey Industrial School), the trust company was named trustee for the school. Until 1918, Mr. Hershey paid many of the school’s expenses. 

That year, unknown to anyone, he gifted the Trust with all his company stock (worth $60 million at the time). As a result of this action, the trust company took on the additional responsibilities of managing the land assets and other financial investments that were part of Mr. Hershey’s holdings. In doing so, the board of the trust realized they needed to separate the bank, and established Hershey National Bank as a separate entity. 

During the 1960s, the Foundation began to assume ownership of the community’s cultural organizations. In 1970 it took over the Hershey Theater, in 1981 the Hershey Museum, and Hershey Gardens in 1989. By doing so, the institutions gained non-profit status. By 1981, Hershey Trust’s ownership of Hershey Foods had shrunk to 50.1% causing concerns that they could lose control of the corporation through a corporate raid or hostile takeover. A two-tier plan was created that enabled the Trust to maintain majority ownership. 

In February 2011, Robert Reese, grandson of H.B. Reese (inventor of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups), former board member and president of the trust filed a lawsuit against the trust company claiming that the Trust had improperly used the Trust’s money. Two months later, Reese dropped his suit. However, the Pennsylvania Attorney General took over and conducted a two-year investigation that did not find any wrongdoing, but required reforms within the organization. 

Today the fund is worth more than $33 million and makes quarterly payments to the school district. Mr. Hershey would be proud. 


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  1. Thanks for posting more about the Hershey legacy. I am so impressed by the business acuity of Mr. Hershey. It's impressive to me that he created such a legacy for the School, and also that he encouraged people to save money when he started the bank.

  2. thanks for continuing on Hershey. this is all very fascinating.

  3. He was an incredible man. I visited Hershey, Pennsylvania, when I was quite young. I remember the air smelling delicious. How do the townspeople deal with such delicious-smelling "pollution"?!