Tuesday, February 21, 2023

World War 11 - Juliana


Juliana - War Heroine

World War 11 has many war heroes, and there are so many things to know about it. Most people remember the battles, attacks, and genocides used. There were also other related battles going on. An example is England. Many bombings happened during this time there, and they lived in fear of further bombings for years. 

But an interesting story about one particular heroine is what we'll talk about today. You may be surprised today that Juliana is a dog and not a person. She's a war heroine, and here's why.

In 1941, during the Blitz in World War 11, was the scariest for England when they were bombed often and suffered much damage and tens of thousands of their people were killed by Germany. It's amazing how Britain stood strong and didn't surrender to Germany. 

But one day during this time, a German bomb was thrown into a European shop owner's store. It didn't detonate, and the owner wasn't sure what to do, and he was frozen with fear. The bomb caught on fire, and his Great Dane, Juliana, leaped into action and urinated on the fire to put it out which also disarmed the bomb. 

Again in 1944, the same shop was bombed and caught fire,. This time, the shop owner was not aware  the bomb had been thrown causing flames until Juliana barked to catch his attention. The fire escalated fast and became serious and too late to extinguish, so they fled for their lives.

Juliana was awarded two Blue Cross medals for her brave acts during World War 11. This was special, because the Blue Cross medals were for horses who had saved lives. But Juliana had proven herself worthy of the awards. Her brave act might have been forgotten once she died, but in 2013 her medals along with a painting of her were found and revived this story about her once again.

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  1. Thank you for posting today. I found the fact that the dog knew to pee on the first fire amazing and a bit crazy!! God works in mysterious ways, for sure! We currently have no pets, but we have a granddog Bruno, and a grandcat Juliette.