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Let's Talk About where Stonecroft Ministries - Women's Christian Connection began . . .


Molly Jebber
Amish Romance Author

Because of Helen Baugh, I have the privilege of speaking for Stonecroft.

In 1938, Helen Duff Baugh was at the bank her husband, Elwood Baugh was asked by a co-worker for counseling who had lost her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Baugh invited her, along with other co-workers, to dinner to talk about God and the verse John 3:16.

After the dinner meeting, several of the co-workers asked that they meet again and if they could bring friends and family. Mr. and Mrs. Baugh. The group grew to twenty-four prayer groups located in San Jose, California. This is where Stonccroft Ministries - Women's Christian Connection began.

In 1948, Mary E. Clark, a missionary and former business woman asked Helen Baugh to join her in growing Stoncroft. This is where Stonecroft started having meetings with catered luncheons and speakers for women in country clubs, meeting halls, restaurants, etc. for women to attend whether they were a member or not of the place of the meeting. They avoided churches, because they wanted women of all faiths to attend.

In 1952, Helen Baugh moved the headquarters from San Jose, California to South Kansas City, Missouri. At this time, Stonecroft Ministries had grown throughout the United States offering luncheon meetings with speakers sharing their faith in Jesus Christ and how he had worked in their lives through many life experiences. They also offered prayer meetings, Bible studies, and outreach events in many areas. 

In 1962, Stonecroft published the first edition of LIFE ETERNALLY YOURS, and in 1968, they published Bible studies.

Helen Baugh wrote about her leadership of Stonecroft in a book titled, THE STORY GOES ON. 

I'm a speaker for this organization, and they have a national and regional board. My talk is "Best Friends are a Treasure", and I tell about several of my friends and how we met, and what's happened to them in my life. Also some of my ups and downs. But my ultimate friend is Jesus Christ who is available to me 24/7, and a forever friend. I love this organization, and if you have a chance to attend a meeting in your area, please do. The ladies are wonderful, and they have a fun thing to do along with the speaker. Fashion shows, jewelry shows, purse swaps, and more! 

Thank you for joining me here today! Check my website: for where I'll be, speaking (I also have presentations on writing, publishing, agent or not agent, and about the Amish). 
Below are pictures of one our meetings.

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