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Happy Birthday to…Royals and Geniuses

First…The Royals! 

Happy 708th Birthday to Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor 

King of Bohemia (1346 to 1378)


Born: May 14, 1316

Birthplace: Prague, Czechia

Died: November 29, 1378 (62 years old)


Charles IV, crowned king of Bohemia in 1346, king of Italy in 1355, and king of Burgundy in 1365, holds the distinction of ruling over the Holy Roman Empire and all its kingdoms. He became Holy Roman Emperor in 1355. During his reign, Prague became the empire’s capital city.


The multi-lingual ruler was fluent in Czech, Latin, Italian, French, and German. He built the first university in Central Europe plus several castles and churches. He married four times and may have had as many as fourteen children—counting one reputedly born to an anonymous woman who was not one of his wives.


Happy 471st Birthday to Margaret of Valois 

Queen Consort of Navarre (1572 - 1599) and France (1589 - 1599) 


Born: May 14, 1553

Birthplace: Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

Died: March 27, 1615 (61 years old)


Margaret’s marriage to Henry of Navarre, later King Henry IV of France, had more to do with politics than romance. The alliance was intended to ease tensions between Protestants and Catholics. However, the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre occurred only a few days after the wedding.


The infamous Catherine de’ Medici, Margaret’s mother, might have been involved in the horrific violence. Catherine is also suspected of poisoning Queen Jeanne III, Henry’s mother, who opposed his marriage to Margaret and died before the wedding took place.


In later years, Margaret’s brother, King Henry III, threw her into prison. So did her husband. Their childless marriage was officially nullified in 1599 even though they’d divorced several years before and Henry had remarried.


During Margaret’s imprisonment, she wrote her memoirs, published after her death in 1628. This work is “reckoned as one of 16th century’s best literary works” (Memoirs).


Happy 170th Birthday to Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

“Grandest of the Grand Duchesses” and “Her Imperial Highness” (as daughter-in-law to the Emperor Alexander II of Russia).


Born: May 14, 1854

Birthplace: Ludwigslust Palace, Ludwigslust, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, German Confederation

Died: September 6, 1920 (66 years old)


Fun Facts:

  • Marie was the first “Foreign Princess married to a Grand Duke to retain her own religion” since she refused to denounce Lutheranism and convert to the Roman Catholic Church (Gelardi).
  • Though a German-born princess she supported Russia during World War I and strongly denounced German Emperor Wilhelm II.
  • An addicted gambler, she was temporarily banned from Nicholas II’s court for defying “a prohibition on the playing of roulette and baccarat in private homes” (Morgan).
  • Catherine the Great was her great-great-great-grandmother.
  • “Marie was the last of the Romanovs to escape Revolutionary Russia and the first to die in exile” (Wikipedia).

And Now…The Geniuses

Happy 188th Birthday to Wilhelm Steinitz

First World Chess Champion


Born: May 14, 1836

Birthplace: Prague, Czechia

Died: August 12, 1900 (64 years old)


The thirteenth son of a tailor, Wilhelm was twelve when he learned to play chess. As a young adult, he entered tournaments and within a few years had established himself as one of the world’s top players. He later developed a different style of play and eventually became a chess journalist.


He returned to competitive tournament play for a time and moved to New York in 1883. He founded the International Chess Magazine in 1885.

Sadly, his accomplishments as an influential chess theoretician, tournament player, and writer didn’t bring him financial security. He died a pauper, leaving his second wife and two young children.


Happy 106th Birthday to William T. Tutte

British-Canadian Mathematician; World War II Codebreaker


Born: May 14, 1917

Birthplace: Newmarket, Suffolk, England

Died: May 2, 2002 (almost 85 years old)


William T. Tutte, a gifted mathematician, is credited with the bulk-decryption of top-secret messages originating with the Lorenz rotor cipher machine. This system was used by the German Wehrmacht High Command during World War II. 


Tutte’s parents, an estate gardener and a housekeeper, worked at Fitzroy House in Newmarket, Suffolk, when he was born in 1917. He graduated with first-class honors from Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied natural sciences and chemistry. During his graduate studies, he transferred from physical chemistry to mathematics. 


Tutte and three friends were among “the first to solve the problem of squaring the square, and the first to solve the problem without a squared sub-rectangle. Together the four created the pseudonym Blanche Descartes, under which Tutte published occasionally for years” (Smith).


In addition to his important decryption work during the war, Tutte is also known for his numerous mathematical accomplishments, including his foundational work in graph theory and matroid theory.


Your Turn


Whose birthday party do you most want to attend? You can…

  • Talk about languages and architecture with Charles;
  • Discuss French history with Margaret;
  • Play baccarat with Marie;
  • Play chess with Wilhelm; or
  • Break codes or “square the square” with William.

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