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ANNE GREENE here. Learn about what your grandmother had available for daily household choirs. Also a BOOK GIVEAWAY. 

The new electricity led to an easier life for the 1920s housewife.  

The invention of the washing machine saved housewives an entire day of work. Previously one load of laundry took fifty gallons of water. The first washing machine debuted in 1850s, but the 1920s brought so many improvements that clothes no longer shredded in the wash. The washing machine became a woman’s most helpful tool. 

The pop-up toaster emerged in 1921. However, sliced bread wasn’t available until the 1928 leading to lower toaster prices and no more burnt toast.  

In 1927, General Electric’s refrigerator called the Monitor Top became widely used. However its coolant, sulfur dioxide, could cause loss of vision and burns. Despite that, over a million sold.  

Band-aids, which appear in my story, Despite All Obstacles, became widely used in 1920. The Boy Scouts made Band-aids wildly popular after every scout was given a free box. 

Alexander Flemming stumbled upon Penicillin in 1928. The drug was used for curing eye infections. 

The first commercial radio station aired in 1920. Soon followed by the car radio. Even poor people made certain they had a radio to keep up with local and world-wide news. 

With so many cars on the road, the traffic signal became a must, first seen in 1923. Pedestrians, horses and carriages, and cars traveled the same road. The traffic signal prevented many collisions. 

Which invention would you have had a hard time doing without? Click on the comment button below and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of MARRIAGE BY ARRANGEMENT.

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  1. I think the washing machine would be my mainstay!

  2. Hi Anne,
    I'm having a hard time deciding what invention I would most hate to give up. I sure do like my creature comforts. I guess I'll go with Rebecca and say washing machine, but my computer would be a close second. Then there's electricity and running water and let's not forget the automobile...
    Love your book cover!

  3. It's hard to imagine life without many of our labor saving devices. Much as I would hate to do laundry by hand, I think it would be even harder to do without refrigeration. There's nothing like a cool drink in summer, ice cubes when you need them, and a way to keep milk without it souring! That's just for starters. Thanks for the interesting post. It's amazing to see how far we've come in the last 150 years, technologically speaking.

  4. It's amazing how much we take for granted...I think I would hate to be without a washing machine as well - so much time scrubbing would've been so hard. truckredford(at)gmail(Dot)Com