Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Shipshewana, Indiana

Shipshewana, Indiana – History facts and a fun place to visit 

by Molly Jebber, Amish Historical Romance Author

I love to visit Shipshewana, Indiana. I write Amish Historical Romance, and the history and lifestyle and traditions of the Amish are interesting.

The first Amish settlers came to Shipshewana/LaGrange County from Pennsylvania in 1844. Today, LaGrange and Elkhart Counties are home to the third largest Amish population in America. Shipshewana/LaGrange County is a popular spot for visitors to sample Amish food and desserts. My favorites are their corn pudding and butterscotch pie! You’ll be amazed by their handcrafted furniture, quilts, toys and household products which fill the Amish markets. My husband, Ed, and I bought a cherry dining room table with six chairs. Simple but sturdy, beautiful, and excellent quality work is how I would describe it.

The Amish choose to live a simple, humble way of life that places a priority on God, family and community. They live by a specific code of conduct, dress, and tradition that sets them apart from the outside world. They avoid politics and modern conveniences, which they believe weakened the need for reliance on each other.

Shipshewana/LaGrange County was once home to the Potawatomi Indians. The first white settlers came from the east to establish communities in this Midwestern wilderness in the early 1830’s. Howe, the former county seat, was settled in 1834 as Mongoquinong, and later Lima. The town’s name was eventually changed to Howe in honor of John B. Howe, one of the founders of the community’s first bank. Mr. Howe’s mansion now houses the rectory and administration building for Howe School.

Several other historic sites include the 150-year-old English Prairie Church of the Brethren in Brighton, and remnants of one of the area’s first one-room schoolhouses. And Greenfield Mills is Indiana’s oldest commercial water-powered flour mill. 

Visit if you have a chance. It’s a fun weekend away with plenty of good places to eat. Farm tours are available, and strolling through their museums will keep you entertained.

Molly Jebber is a best-selling & award-winning Amish Historical Romance author whose books have made the Publisher’s Weekly Best Ten List, media worldwide, and in USA Today. She’s a national speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, a mentor to English students at Ohio State University and guest lecturer for many groups on writing, publishing, & marketing. She loves God, family, friends she is grateful for her readers.

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  1. Shipshewana sounds like a lovely place to visit. Thanks for posting today.

    1. Hi Connie! Thank you for visiting!! It is really fun!! Good fun, lots to see, and lots to do.

  2. Not in Shipshewana, but if you ever go to Middlebury, you MUST get cinnamon caramel doughnut holes from Rise N Roll! Amazing! We live in Indy and had my mom bring them down for out kids' graduation parties instead of having cake. :-)

    1. Thank you, Lisa!! I did visit Middlebury, but I didn't try Rise N Roll doughnut holes! I'll have to when I go next year!!

  3. Shipshewana is a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for sharing the history, Molly.